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How Digital Advantage Helped Suri Engineers Grow Revenue by 20% and Penetrate Remote Markets with Google Ads and CRM Automation.


Suri Engineers, a leading manufacturer of rice milling equipment, wanted to explore a direct-to-consumer approach and reach new customers in remote tier 2 and 3 cities. However, they faced challenges such as lack of data, minimal digital presence, unclear customer behaviour, and budget constraints. They needed a partner who could help them craft a data-driven and cost-effective strategy. That’s when they turned to Digital Advantage.

Suri Engineers is a leading manufacturer of top-quality rice milling equipment. They have a range of products across categories encompassing the complete rice mill setup. With almost 50 years of experience and expertise, Suri Engineers delivers reliable and efficient solutions to their customers. They are committed to providing the best quality and service to the rice milling industry.


  • Increase brand awareness in select tier 3+ cities
  • Setup a direct-to-consumer strategy and generate 200 leads per month
  • Setup end-to-end marketing automation and increase sales team efficiency by 30%


  • No prior information on CPC, CTR, conversion rates, or customer behaviour online, since most of the sales were through sales fleet and dealers
  • Minimal digital presence of the brand and low brand awareness in remote markets
  • Budget allocation, channel types, and campaign types were unclear and needed testing and optimization
  • Customer journeys were longer and more complex, and needed data integration and automation between marketing and sales


  • Customer segmentation: We spoke to the client and sales team to learn about their customers’ profiles and preferences.
  • Data analysis: We analysed product data by month and location. We found the best products, locations, and seasons for each campaign. We adjusted the budgets accordingly.
  • Conversion rate optimization: We A/B tested different ads copies and landing pages for different geographies. We optimised for the best ones. This improved the ad quality and the conversion rate.
  • CRM setup and automation: We integrated the landing pages to the CRM via zapier and analysed sales data through UTM data captured. This helped us track and optimise the offline conversions and order values. This also helped us automate the lead management and nurturing. This helped the sales team work more efficiently and convert more leads and increase revenues.

Services Rendered:

  • Google Ads management services
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • CRM setup, integration and automation


  • Achieved the desired digital penetration in remote areas and a 15% growth in revenue and, exceeding the initial goal by 10%
  • Increased sales for certain products in off-season by 15%, creating new revenue streams and opportunities
  • Enabled sales team to work with warm leads rather than cold leads, increasing sales team efficiency by 30% and reducing sales cycle by 20%
  • Improved online and offline data visibility and integration, enabling data-driven decisions and insights

Digital Advantage’s data-driven and cost-effective approach to Google Ads management and CRM automation played a significant role in helping Suri Engineers achieve its business goals and grow its revenue and customer base.

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