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How Digital Advantage Helped Pune’s Leading IVF Centre Boost Qualified Leads by 350% with Data Integration and Machine Learning


A Pune-based IVF Clinic wanted to generate quality leads and measure their marketing performance across online and offline channels. They needed a partner who could help them integrate their data, optimise their campaigns, and scale their growth. That’s when they turned to Digital Advantage.

The client is a leading IVF speciality centre in Pune, offering personalised and affordable fertility treatments to couples who dream of becoming parents. With an expert team of doctors, embryologists, and counsellors, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, they ensure high success rates and patient satisfaction.


  • Increase qualified leads and appointments
  • Implement a low-cost sales feedback to marketing to ensure data visibility and accuracy across online and offline channels

  • Improve conversion rate by 50% and reduce cost per lead

  • Develop a persona and a brand story to connect with the audience and differentiate from competitors


  • Unable to understand the best-performing media channel and measure the performance across the customer journey
  • Quality of leads was low and needed data integration between marketing and sales to improve lead qualification and nurturing
  • Limited budget and experience with online advertising and data analysis
  • Competition from other IVF service providers in the Pune area who offered similar or lower prices
  • Developing a persona and a brand story that resonated with the audience and conveyed the value proposition and the emotional appeal of the brand


  • Automation & Machine Learning: We used custom scripts and tools to automate the feed of offline data into Google Ads and train the google algorithm to target and bid better. This helped the client to reach and book more customers.
  • CRM Integration: We integrated zapier to build a low cost CRM to sync data seamlessly and align sales and marketing. This helped them track, engage, and convert leads better.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: We used custom built landing pages and hotjar to test and improve landing pages. This helped us make their pages more user-friendly and persuasive, and increase conversions.
  • Value-Based Bidding: We used value-based bidding on Google Ads to optimise ad spend and target high-value customers. This helped them reduce cost per lead, increase return on ad spend, and improve lead quality.
  • Social Media Advertising: We used social media platforms to create awareness and remarketing campaigns using social proof and testimonials. This helped the client reach a wider audience and increase qualified leads who knew their brand and value.

Services Rendered

  • Google ads management
  • CRM integration and lead management
  • Conversion rate optimization and landing page optimization
  • Value-based bidding and keyword targeting
  • Social media advertising and remarketing


    • Achieved 350% increase in qualified leads and appointments in 6 months, exceeding the initial goal by 100%
    • Increased profitable ad spend by 140% and conversion rate by 63%, surpassing the industry benchmarks and the competitors’ performance
    • Decreased cost per lead by 35%, saving ad spend and increasing efficiency
    • Improved online and offline data visibility and integration, enabling data-driven decisions and insights
    • Developed a persona and a brand story that connected with the audience and differentiated them from competitors, increasing brand awareness and loyalty


    Digital Advantage’s data-driven and innovative approach to integrate online and offline marketing data played a significant role in helping Pune’s Leading IVF Clinic achieve its business goals and grow its revenue and customer base.

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