Digital Advantage Media Helps Amintiri Increase Market Share with Bottom Funnel Strategy

E-Commerce in a Pandemic World

COVID 19 set off a wave of changing online behavior among multiple demographics.

Retail habits have been changing over a decade, but COVID 19 rapidly accelerated the advent of new consumer behaviors, drawing reluctant demographics to purchase online. Pay Per Click(PPC) doubled in India in 2020 compared to 2019, with nearly half the companies doubling their spend.

In this increasingly competitive market, customers are given a myriad of choices before making a purchase. A sale is never a liner journey any more but multi dimensional with customers interacting with brands via multiple touchpoints across channels.


E Commerce


Google, Youtube, Display Network


Cakes, Gifts

The Challenge

Understanding customer needs at different touchpoints

A customer's experience with a brand is all about the journey. In fact the journey is the product. But the only way to bring that journey to life in a reliable, repeatable way is through data. The challenge we faced at Amintiri was to understand customer intent and pain points at different stages in the journey from creating awareness about the brand to actually delivering focused messaging about the brand at different points in the journey till the online purchase is made. Of course the journey doesn't end when the purchase is made but extends well beyond which plays a key role in retention and ensuring customers become advocates of the brand.

Social media, product videos and blogs are key when introducing customers to a brand as it helps deliver key messaging about Amintiri's brand positioning and product features. The data models that Digital Advantage built helped understand customer behavior at the purchase stage in the journey when the customer is aware of the brand and is ready to make a purchase for reasons such as birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion.

What We Did

Based on the data gathered we tried multiple approaches such as


Identifying the bottom of the funnel keywords that are purchase driven and train Google’s machine learning algorithms about who our highest quality customers are

Ensuring that user experience on the website is curated to what the customer is looking for with minimal steps to purchase


Creating segmented audiences to learn about behavior among each demographic and delivering products and messaging suited to niche segments


The Result

“The more touchpoints you have, the more complicated—but necessary—such a map becomes.”

The increased touch points we built across channels gave us more control over messaging, bid strategies, attribution models, audience targeting and user experience that helped create a highly engaging experience for Amintiri's customers keeping in mind the premium offering of the brand. This not only helped improve user experience but also helped the brand scale its campaigns across audience segments via various campaigns on google in a profitable manner with a key focus on bottom funnel customers.

Digital Advantage helped reach new audiences at scale

In the world of e-commerce, customers never buy through one or two interactions. Hence defining high quality experiences and understanding customers at each stage in the journey helps craft meaningful experiences.

— Suraj Madhnani

Founder, Amintiri

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