data Analytics

We'll move all your marketing data into a single dashboard so you have all the insights at your fingertips

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

We get data

Build cross-channel dashboards

Create interactive performance marketing dashboards in Google Data Studio including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, CRM data, and many more. Once you're happy with the dashboard you've built, your cross-channel data will automatically flow into a single view.

Automate your budget pacing and ad spend tracking

We automate your budget pacing reports, set up automatic refreshes and rule-based email alerts to get notified every time your campaigns are underspending or overspending.

Create a single source of truth in a data warehouse

We build predictive models on top of historical data, it might be time to centralize your data. This allows you to quickly crunch cross-channel data and create complex multi-touch attribution models. And the best part? Our dashboards will load in seconds with data flowing in from your warehouse.

Maximize ROI​

We analyze your marketing program from top to bottom to deliver strategic recommendations that drive long term ROI. KPI selection & diminished returns modeling allows you to invest marketing dollars with confidence and scale your marketing program for growth.

Understand Your Marketing​

Get closer to your data with a complete data model of all of your digital marketing efforts. Connect to our automated Thrive stack data warehouse using Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker or any other BI tool you prefer to understand your marketing program.

Identify Opportunities

Understand how your marketing campaigns are evolving with augmented analytics that can spot new trends, outliers in your data and opportunities for growth. We go beyond clicks and conversions with CRM analysis that uncovers profit opportunities in LTV and Churn trends.

Experiment Strategically

Work with our team to develop a strategic experimentation plan that delivers insight into creative development, channel incrementality and the causal impact of tactical changes.